Day: January 26, 2021

How To Choose a WordPress Theme for Your Brand

How To Choose a WordPress Theme for Your Brand

WordPress themes are website layouts created for different types of websites. There are over a thousand WordPress websites, making it difficult for brand owners to choose a suitable one. Different WordPress websites look and work differently despite originating from the same core WordPress. The difference in appearance is a result of different themes. Here are some of the things to consider while choosing a WordPress theme for your brand:

1. Purpose of Your Site

The theme you choose should reflect the essence and message of your brand. Chose layouts and colors that attract your target audience. A website about pet products like electronic dog doors should likely have a bright and playful theme, and you’ll see that the site designers at The Pampered Pup did an excellent job conveying that. Other themes might appear suitable and eye-catching, but they are hard to read; this goes with dark modes. Thus ensure the theme you choose conveys the right message for your brand and suits the target audience.

2. Your WordPress Skills

The theme you choose should fit your WordPress skills, considering that WordPress themes are available for users in all skill levels. In cases where you have to customize and manage your site, ensure you choose theme features that have tools that will enable you to do so. One of the tools is a page builder, enabling you to develop a creative and attractive website.

3. Simplicity

Keep your theme simple; this enables easy maintenance and makes it easy for your visitors to use. Free and premium themes come with many options and eye-catching fonts; choose themes that have easy to read fonts and have the ability for customization. Choose simple themes with striking images that will attract visitors and will not distract them from your content.

4. Pros and Cons of Free and Premium Themes

A free WordPress theme functions and is compatible when you are on a budget and avoiding extra cost. But the free WordPress has no customization, and the developers do not offer user support and upgrades. When using a premium WordPress theme, you will incur some costs, but the system has upgrades and support. The premium themes are also open to customization, and therefore you can customize them to fit your brand’s need.

5. Select a Responsive Theme

Ensure you pick a theme that is mobile responsive to make it accessible to screens of different sizes. This is because most people use mobile phones to access the websites; therefore, the responsive theme will enable users to interact with your site and connect to your brand.

6. Features That You Need

You should have a list of the features you need in your website and the theme layout you want; this goes hand in hand with your brand. Having all this written, you will choose the correct theme that contains the features that you need.

7. The Look That You Want

Being a brand owner, you have in mind the type of look you want for your website, which can be specific to fit the brand logo. While selecting the theme, you will filter by color and style to fit your needs. You will consider what you will be posting on your website to choose the correct design theme. 


One of the most important decisions to make for your brand is choosing a theme. Choosing your brand’s correct theme will portray the message with attractive content and put your brand in light. The theme you choose should be simple enough, easy to use and maintain, and eye-catching to attract visitors. The brand’s goals should always be in your mind to select the right WordPress theme for your brand.