Is Timing your post Important?

I know I have worked on posts that were great information in my opinion, only to have someone else release a very similar article just hours before my scheduled publishing. OI!  So what to do about this small problem. Is it a problem though?

Not really.  It shouldn’t take much time in your day worrying about.  It should be released as you you see fit, when you see fit.  Unless you are a site that depends on having the latest breaking news, say a TMZ style site, the only timing you should worry about it is what time of day, and what day of the week to release your news. 

Knowing when the best time publish is very important in your marketing, not if you have a similar idea to publish.  If you have not been paying attention to your metrics on readership, shame on you!  If you don’t watch how traffic flows on your site, and the time of day it has the best traffic, you are losing out on a lot of opportunity.  This follows with Twitter and Facebook as well.  Post at the wrong time and you will get buried in the rush of other posts and tweets, or even worse… never seen.

In an article by Dan Zarrella over at ProBlogger, he shows some great data he has collected for his site and how timing is everything.  This data collected is very important to your success online.  The data he collected, even though it’s based on his site, should be collected on your site as well.  Find your sweet spot and schedule your publishing times around this and you will see an up tick in your readership and responses and re-tweets.