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I know I know…..’Wordpress plugin lists…everyone has them.’  And you’re right, we do!  Anyone that has used WordPress for any length of time has come up with a list of plugins that they are in love with. I’m no different.  The thing about this list, is it’s not laminated. I am a bit fickle when it comes to what i install on my site, and will keep trying new things until I find the right fir for me. This is an on going process, just as the layout and design is always being tested for better usability.  If I get a complaint on the layout or navigation, I take it to heart. If a plugin impacts the site, positively or negatively I want to know about it and sing praises or pan it if need be. Since I really am not into posting the bad (unless it’s REALLY bad and people need to be warned) I will post a re-vamped list every once in a while to show the evolution of the state of good plugins.  So off we go!

  1. Commentluv premium – This has become on of my favorite comment plugins I have found so far.  Not only does it help out with spammy comments and trackbacks, it give you the ability to help others gain some link love while gaining traffic and conversation for your site.
  2. Fanpageconnect pro – This is a great little plugin that helps with Facebook “Fan page” creation right from your wordpress site. (don’t forget your SSL for Facebook) It included some great features besides the page creation. Fan gate code, like/notlike content, scheduled content, optin code, and my favorite FB Karma! All right there with your social graph available as well.
  3. Socialize – Well what can I say….if your readers can’t share it easy, it just might now be shared.  This is a great little plugin to help out with that problem.  I have used others in the past that were good, but this one has many more features and ease of use.  My new fav for this function.
  4. All in one SEO pack – with SEO so important for web sites, this little script is a great addition to helping out with on page SEO for any post or page you release.
  5. Editor tabs – When you are using the built in WYSIWG in Worpress, and have other plugins that add menu, after menu, after menu below the page/post you have created, it gets to be a lot of places to look though to make sure you have done everything you need to before you publish. This plugin solves that by condensing everything into a tabbed menu.  It’s all about ease of use.
  6. TinyMCE Advanced – Right on the last ones heals, this effect the editor itself by extending the editors capabilities.  More functions to ease the burden of production.
  7. SEO Smart Links – A great way to help automate the internal and external linking on your site.  Speed up production with out lifting a finger to type in all the urls to internal pages or your frequently linked to external resources.
  8. Feedburner Feedsmith – a great way to get your feed out there and available to a wider audience.
  9. MaxblogPress Ping optimizer – How many of your knew WordPress can over ping your content?  This will fix that, plus easy setup of ping services to use.
  10. Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu – I just love this one for giving me more room in the admin section of my site.  The menu is moved from the left to the top as a drop down.  Gives me S P A C E! always needed.
  11. nrelated – Give your readers a helping hand finding other stories on your site they might like.  It’s all about the traffic! 🙂
  12. Simple Facebook Connect – Just what it says— simple connection to Facebook and it’s social graph.  Wholly modular in it’s functions.  You want fan boxes, post to your profile or page? Share, like, recommend, or any of the other functions available to off Facebook sites.  Your readers can login with facebook, or comment on facebook and your site at the same time… your choice.
  13. User Photo – great addition to a profile.  You can avatars, or gravitars, but I love to see your pretty faces!
  14. Nextgen Gallery – most robust Gallery plugin out there IMHO.  Lots of expandability out there for it as well.  You know you have a winner when there are 3rd party plugins for a 3rd party plugin 🙂

Now the next little list is all Theme related. small but powerful additions to your theme.

  1. Weaver Theme – so many abilities right out of the box. but add the Pro plugin and you just can’t beat this Them for functionality.
  2. Dynamic Headers – Change the Header of your site with graphics, Flash depending on what page/post you are on or category.  Lots of choices. (also weaver has built in function for this plugin.)
  3. wpTouch – With mobile devices on the rise, make sure your site has an ease of use for them too.  This is a great mobile detector and theme switcher for just this purpose.

Ok…that was my new list, I hope it helps someone out there that is in the market to improve their WordPress site, and just don’t know where to start.  Is this list the best in the world? It is for me…..today.  I might find a better plugin for one of these functions later..and I will talk about it when I do.

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WordPress Plugins, which ones are for me? — 14 Comments

  1. Now that’s a list of plug-ins Shannon and I’ve never heard of some of these.

    I’m a huge CommentLuv premium fan, Andy’s plug-in is among the very best for WordPress users.

    I might have to look into some of what you’ve mentioned here. I’m not familiar with any of the Facebook related plug-ins so this is a first. Will have to look into these a little more to see if it’s something I may need to implement. Oh great, just something else to add to my list! 🙂

    Thanks Shannon, great list.

  2. Interesting list. I haven’t heard of some of those either.

    Funnily enough I’ve just added SEO Super Comments plugin that I discovered on a list on Adrienne’s blog. I have just written a post about it myself.

  3. Hi Shannon.
    First time here for me. That is an awsome list of plugins that you have shared there.
    I must admit that although I was a big fan of the All In One SEO Pack, I have recently started using Yoast’s plugin instead. It gives a great deal more options for on page SEO.
    I had not heared of Feedburner Feedsmith and it sounds like something that I should look into.
    Thank’s for the heads up.

  4. Hi Marketing Doctor, I’m a CommentLuv fan as well so it’s great to find it here on your blog. Dynamic headers sounds like one I’d like to experiment with and there are a couple others here that I plan to look into.
    Thanks for sharing your list.

    • Ileane,
      I found the dynamic headers a great way to brand each page easily, but with all lists like this it is always being updated. The weaver Theme has been upgraded to Weaver II (pro)…much more there now in ways to design a site. The theme has Dynamic headers support built in, so the use of that plugin is even easier.

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