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Corporate Vice President, Completely Different Language, Real Time Translation, And Neural Network-based Speech

Last night at the Re/Code Conference, Microsoft demoed real-time translation over Skype. Imagine talking to someone over a video call, they spoke a completely different language than you did, but the technology did real time translation as you spoke. Microsoft has a beta they demonstrated last nigh…

Search, Search Engine, Recirculation Gap, And Search Traffic

How can publishers receive a greater percentage of search traffic from Google than the market share Google has in the U.S.?

Churn, Churn Rate, Revenue Churn, And Customer

If you?re running a SaaS business or any other type of subscription-based company, chances are churn has caused you a few sleepless nights. Last fall, I joined the team at Uberflip, a platform that helps people optimize their content marketing for lead generation. Part of my (and my team?s) role is…

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