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Why aren’t you writing?

One of the most terrifying prospects for the person assigned to writing for the company blog, or for the content of the web sites pages is starting.  Yup! Starting.  Sitting ans starring at a blank screen not knowing what to type.  For some it brings awful thoughts to mind. “will people read it?” “Will they like it?” “Will they understand it?” or even worse “Will I sound like an idiot?”

What is a good article anyways?

That’s a good question.  It depends on who you listen too.  Are you listening to a professional writer, or blogger?  The two don’t agree at all on their view of a good article.  Maybe you listen to a SEO copywriter?  This breed of writer is only concerned on your search engine rankings and will fill your content with keywords and nonsense copy if they had their way. (not the way I would go.)  There really is only one way to really write an article for your website, blog or other wise….just like you would talk about the subject at hand.

What if I don’t know what I’m Talking about?

Then don’t write the article. Period.  If your boss tells you to write something about a part of the company you know nothing about, tell them to find someone else for the job, or learn about the subject in depth.  Nothing is worse to read than something written by someone that really doesn’t know what they are talking about.  I could write something about manufacturing widgets, but since I don’t really know the process it would sound really superficial and lack the passion needed to draw the reader in.

What has Passion got to do with it?

Everything!  As a business owner, I am VERY passionate about the subjects linked to my work.  Internet Marketing, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, 3D Animation, Website Design, Social Media, ect.  These are subjects I love and talk about at the drop of a hat.  Add in Comics (Green Lantern) and Sci-Fi (not the stupid name SYFY….that’s another rant!) and, as anyone will tell you I will talk for hours…….and hours with out ever taking a breath.  This is what is needed to write anything for your article or page copy.

But I can’t spell or write!

And?  There is a reason most browsers and writing programs have a spell checker. (I’m the reason they invented the thing!)  I am going to put down a horrible myth foisted upon most of us on the Internet by SEO Copywriters and and their ilk.  Although having keywords in your copy can help you in the search engines, a real conversation with your prospective clients is more important.  The following is “THE LIST” of what you need to do in order to have a great article for your web site.


  1. Get another person to sit in front of you.(it’s easier this way)
  2. Get a recording device (mp3 recorder, tape, 8track what ever)
  3. Figure out what the subject is… this can the hard part.
  4. Start recording
  5. Talk about your subject for 5 mins (longer if you need too)
  6. Stop recording
  7. Have the recording transcribed.
  8. VIOLE! Article written!

If you can’t talk to someone, or have a hard time getting started… have the other person interview you about the subject.  This will help you organize the article as well.

I hope this helps you get past the block stuck in your head.  I know it helps me.  Have fun with it, don’t let the fact that you don’t write books or SEO copy get in your way.  Just indulge your passion for your business and “all will be well” (can anyone tell me which Lantern says this….FREE one hour consult if you can!)

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